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This was a good class. I learned quite a bit of techniques in drawing. I still have a bit of a time with the realistic factor, shading, and 3-d perspective still; but I feel that I have come along nicely over the course of last 5 weeks. It was a real pleasure working with all of you in my class and Professor Maurer.  - Valerie Morrell

I so enjoyed all of you and this class was by far the best one I have experienced and learned more from. The Instructor was gracious, helpful and a great teacher.  - Valerie Hawkins


​​Just wanted to let you know that I posted my final portrait image and that this class has been a challenge at times but it pushed me to do more and pay attention to details.  I think I am a better artist because of your thorough critiques.  Thank you for your patience. - Taneeka  Winston


During the course of this class I've learned more than a little when it comes to drawing the human form. The ability to get closer to the truth when drawing is probably information that I can't put a price on. I've truly enjoyed the class, and learned more than I ever thought I would from this class. I was looking forward to this class and it has not disappointed me. I've learned more about three dimensional shading than I thought there was to learn, and I still haven't scratch the surface. - Stuart Smith


Thank you Patti for all your support throughout this class. You've been a wonderful and patient instructor and I know I'm not alone in just thanking you for this amazing and beneficial experience. You really helped me get over my fears of this program and understand it! You have truly been the best instructor! I wish the best to you in your future teaching of classes and Happy Holidays to you and yours! - Crystal Couch 


Thank you Patti for being a wonderful instructor. Indeed, even though I have plenty to learn ahead of me in regards of drawing human figures, I feel that I have learned a lot in this class and I enjoy it very much. I'm in the graphic design field. I will be happy to have you as my instructor in the future. I'm taking Concept Development next. Thank you for everything. - Anna  Zayco


I do hope I get you for future classes, you have been one of the best instructors I have ever had. - Troy Howard


I enjoyed this class immensely and learned quite a bit. Thank you Patti for being a fabulous instructor! Hope to have you again in a future class. - Loraine Baird


I really enjoyed the class and you, you were so great and helpful! I actually went into this class not really wanting to do this, but you changed my way of thinking. Thank you!  - Debbie Clayton


I have to admit that I never thought I will learn so much because I had one thought in my mind that I am not an illustrator, however, this class and with the help of our beautiful kind instructor, I was challenged and I took that challenge with the best of intensions to learn. And I did tremendously. I liked the charcoal a lot and I think with it and maybe more colors I can do things I never thought I could. Thank you Patti for your directions along the way and I thank you all for helping me with the constructive critic of my work. I wish you all the best.  - Suzan Safi


I wanted to say a personal thank you for all your help and understanding in the class. Never have I had such a difficult couple of months (personal & educational) and felt that there were people around me to help in each area. You are truly a God sent instructor and I am truly blessed to have had someone like you lead me in the right direction in drawing. Your knowledge and instruction in the class was remarkable and I would do it all over again with you as my instructor! Thank you, again! Many Blessings! - Marcie


I have learned so much in this course! Even though this has been by far the hardest 6 weeks (personal & educational), I believe my anatomical knowledge has grown greatly. In the beginning, I dreaded the class, because I feel I was not able to accomplish what I needed to in the class because drawing by hand is not my strongest area. The class showed me an easier way to begin drawing people and has left me with the confidence that I can be better at drawing by hand once I begin to set my mind to it. I really enjoyed the class and all it had to offer! Our instructor, is by far, the best I have ever had! The knowledge and help that Patti gave is incomparable! Thank you to the instructor and all my classmates for the encouragement and help that was put forth by all! Good luck snd blessings to all in the future! - Marcie


I had a lot of fun in this course and I am not so scared of drawing people anymore :) -  Nicole Smestad


​I can't begin to say how much I've learned and how far I've come. It's amazing to look at my pictures from the beginning to the end. ​Thanks to everyone and especially Patti. ​ - Katie Seltzer


I had a lot of fun in this class and learned a lot. Thank you for all your help. I've built up a lot of confidence with figure drawing.- Ashley Gambin


Thank you Patti, for a wonderful learning experience and for just the right amount of challenging  changes to my design that made me think outside the box. I appreciate all the suggestions and the great videos which were wonderful. Your feedback is what helped Eddie be the great success he is today. Thanks again,  - Joy Talsma 


Professor, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for not only being a good teacher, but inspiring people like me to do something they dreamed was impossible. I have had the best teachers and each class I have grown and accomplished unimaginable projects. I want to say an extra thank you to you, for just being there and answering all my dumb questions. This class as you know came on the heels of my husbands death and you have helped me through without knowing a really rough time, I found in myself a new beginning in an area I can express my self in drawing. I can draw a picture of my husband thanks to you.. I don't know what that means for you to understand, but I am forever grateful to be able to remember him this way. You truly have touched my heart and I will forever be grateful for giving me something so special.

Much Appreciation, Diane Cardone 


​Instructor Patti was one of the best instructors I have had and thank you for a great class. - Chelsea McMilen


Thank you Professor- and classmates for a fantastic class. I really enjoyed the classroom and all of the feedback. I feel like I am coming away with a great portfolio piece, something I can be proud of. I also feel like I came along way with this class, and am definitely leaving it, a more seasoned artist! ~Amanda Naqvi




I also wanted to thank my classmates and Ms. Maurer for their positive feedback and constructive criticism, as well as the opportunity to learn by making suggestions to them.  This has truly been the best class I have taken. I know I have come a long way from the start of this class to this week.  - Pamela Bolger


​This has been an excellent course, with and EXCELLENT instructor.  Thanks Patti, for a wonderful class. - Douglas Storm


I wanted to say how much I really enjoyed this class, I have had two or three classes prier to this one were the instructors were not nearly as encouraging as Ms. Maurer and it really brought the whole feel of the class down. Everyone has created such wonderful characters and it has been very cool to watch them all grow into completion. I know I have learned so many new things about Photoshop and feel that I was in a class full of very kind and talented people, good luck to everyone!  - Jessica Arnett


Thanks to Patti for taking such good care of us. You are by far the most involved instructor I have ever had in the distance learning environment.-  Gerald Green


I had stated at the beginning of this course that Illustrator was my favorite program within the Creative Suite.  However, much to my surprise after gaining a better knowledge of the tools and techniques of Photoshop, I am now a fan. I would love to give Instructor Maurer the credit for this revelation, (deservedly so) but content-aware fill really impressed me. I won’t be un-installing Illustrator anytime soon, but Photoshop now shares at least even footing with it. It has truly been a pleasure working with everyone this session and I wish only the best for each of you in your future endeavors. ​ - Rob


I appreciate all your advice and tips you've given me in this course. It's been such a great experience. I really want to buy CS6 now. Haha! Thanks again! - Mary Stephenson




Just wanted to say how much I have learned from you all during this class.  Thanks for being there and being so helpful.  A special 'Thanks' to Instructor Maurer for her patience and knowledge and teaching ability,  You made a very difficult class "learnable".  - Clarissa Patrick


Thank you! This was a really awesome class and It give me a lot more insight in the design process. Thanks very much! You are an amazing instructor! Keep it up!   - Jason L. Rodriguez 


​Patti (prof.), you're awesome, a great instructor and I love your sense of humor! Thanks for everything! Thanks for everything! - Terrance Roseborough  


Just in case I don't have the chance; thank you for being a excellent Instructor; your credits within the survey made note of it. :-)  Hope to have more like you. :-) – Harry Draper Jr.


Thanks Prof. for one of the most educational and enjoyable courses that I have had while enrolled at AIO, and I can't believe how quickly this time has passed.  Thank You! - Franklin Brooks


I think I have pretty much covered everything and have learned a lot in this class.  Prior to this class I did not even know such a thing as a corporate identity manual existed much less how to put one together.  It has been a fun trip with all of you and thanks so much for all the comments and suggestions.  Feel free to stay in contact after the class is over if you would like.


Also thanks to Instructor Maurer, I have learned a great deal in a short time and owe it to you.  Thanks a lot. - Victor Thacker


I would like to just say that I have enjoyed this class with you all and thank you for your constructive criticism. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer and wish you all well in your academic journeys. Take care. Patti, thank you very much for your time, your guidance and patience. I thank you for staying involved throughout this class and your constructive tips and gentle inspirations and always kind words. – Daniel Daum



Thank you all, especially Instructor Maurer for such an enjoyable on-line learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my time spent here.  - Jaclyn Basso.


I have enjoyed all of you and as with the last class i had with you Patti, it has been great. You've helped me a long the way and i think it has paid off. I just may have a portfolio piece to be proud of here. Even if it is not portfolio quality, I am proud of my accomplishments in this class and all the others. I work very hard and I take my education very seriously, I hope you can tell. - Jennifer Franklin.




Thanks for everything, Patti! Enjoyed the class very much! - Mary Fraser


I want to thank you, Patti, for offering practical assignments and a reasonable work pace. I felt like this class was good prep for the real world. Other than having to do more thumbnails than I think I would in a real project, I think all the work made a lot of sense and fit into our "big picture" for the future. I'm not sure what my game plan is going to be, as I was just informed that my student loans are maxed out! I'm working hard at getting websites ready to advertise my music and art, so that I can increase my income to cover the rest! Thanks for a great class. - Mary Fraser


Thank you Patti. I think you will be great at any class you teach. It has been a pleasure. I liked the whole brand extension assignment. It's very realistic and gave us some nice pieces for our portfolios. Take care, - Laura  Tucker


I definitely enjoyed this class, I think it was challenging and very valuable!  - Gregory Dzuris


Thank you for your well wishes. I have enjoyed this class. - Alicia Williams


I've enjoyed this course a lot and learned so much. Thank you everyone for making this and enjoyable and memorable course. - Jayzelle Castuli


​Overall, this was a great class to work with. I received valuable feedback from the instructor and my classmates. I have been in classes where I received little to no feedback, but this class was not one of them. - Paul Lewis​


As always, Patti provided an exceptional learning environment and helped all students to achieve their best in the course. - Annual review,  - Margaret Helthaler

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